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Anna Shepherd

Anna grew up in a family that went to a traditional church and did all of the religious things, but she never really understood that God has invited us into a relationship with Him. In her head, God was far away and He did His thing while we did ours. When Ana was 9, her parents got divorced and they stopped going to church for the most part. She found herself questioning God and asking Him why all of this had to happen. A little while later, they went to a funeral at Beach United Methodist Church for McKenzie Wilson and started attending there on Sundays. Hearing the Gospel for the first time, Anna was so interested in this grace that everyone talked about. Anna ended up surrendering her life to Jesus when she was in sixth grade! Her faith really matured though when she went into high school. The Lord has been molding her ever since, and she is now able to look back at everything that happened in her family and see how God used all of that so that the majority of her family and Anna could surrender to Jesus!! Recently, she has felt the Lord calling her to missions, and He affirmed that in Uganda this year. As Anna was wondering and asking God what this looks like, He gave her this opportunity! Anna is so excited to serve with Sponsored By GRACE and to be a broken vessel for the Holy Spirit to reach people in Jacksonville!

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