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Christine Benenati

Two weeks after Hurricane Matthew, Christine found herself in Haiti, standing on the shore of a devastated beach community.  She still cannot adequately describe what God revealed to her during that mission trip. She knows it will be quite some time before she could serve abroad again.  She thought a lot about this and how great it would be to get involved in a local program.

While trying to process her mission trip, childhood memories began to surface.  She remembered NYC during racial tension, social class division and the riots of the early 70s.  She remembers her friendship with someone in kindergarten and how they both had to pretend to hate each other in front of other people.

Grief came at a young age, as Christine experienced consecutive loss of several family members and the heavy burden of grief dragged her down and away from her faith.  It was a long road to her baptism in 2016. Her testimony is not as much about what brought her back to Jesus Christ but rather what He is presently doing through her.

Christine feels that her calling as a registered nurse has prompted her to go back to school and explore ways to care for people beyond the role of traditional bedside care.

She is excited about the groundwork being laid out for Sponsored By GRACE and looks forward to serving and loving on the community of Cleveland Arms.  Christine is a mom of two amazing young adults and in her spare time you will find her relaxing on the beach, collecting sea shells.

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