Child empowerment can be defined in a number of ways. It’s about accountability and trust. It’s when you give young leaders a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility for decision-making in their daily life skill, educational decisions, and even in their own home and community. But it’s more than just that. When you empower the next generation to step up, make their own decisions and pave their own path to success, you create a better community culture.
Young leaders who become EMPOWERED are more likely to:
    1. Go the extra mile
    2. Follow best practices
    3. Be more productive
    4. Have good communication
    5. Embrace change
    6. Have a “can do” attitude
    7. Provide the ability to finally DREAM.
Our hope and prayer at Sponsored by GRACE is that each sponsored child would have an opportunity to attend their empowerment class in a safe environment to allow leaders to INVEST, GROW, and EMPOWER them to rise up and become a leader through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.
As we gather as a family on Tuesdays afternoons from 3pm-6pm, the young leaders will come in for their educational/spiritual development, break bread together with our afternoon meal, engage with a curriculum written bible study, and finish off with a real life skill.
These life skills are a game changer for all of us! This could be anything from sewing, auto mechanics, how to make your bed, how to pack a lunch, how to build a garden box, etc. We see that many of our children in the community do not have the experience or opportunity to access these values to life. So we bring them to their back yard.