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Lindsay McPherson

Sponsored by GRACE is a movement of God. I believe Ron, Tyler, and all the others who have put together and made this opportunity spark is incredible. The few times I have been able to go and talk with the people a part of this makes my heart smile. The fact I get to be a tiny part of it is great. I think God placing this on the hearts of people is breathtaking, being able to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus is an opportunity no one should take for granted. I believe Sponsored by Grace is going to bring miracles to this city, I pray that it will start a wild fire for this city and cover all over, that these people will seek the Lord not because we came and “saved them” but they experience the Lord, by us coming and showing they are important and that the Lord made and knitted them in their mother’s womb, that it doesn’t matter their past or current situation that we ALL are in need of a savior and it is not by our actions. But, by our actions that we have the opportunity to show them that we ALL are brothers and sisters in Christ, when God looks at us He sees the perfection of His Son, Jesus, and that is how we should see people. I am beyond excited to be a part of this and bring that news to all these people, adult and kids and everyone in between.

spgLindsay McPherson