Sponsoring a child can change a child’s world

The opportunity to INVEST, GROW, and EMPOWER our next generation of leaders here in Jacksonville to see them rise up and become leaders through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.
Locally, supporting and sponsoring a child right here in Jacksonville EMPOWERS their educational/biblical development, INVEST in food access, and GROWS their dreaming ability that can bring a big change in this city and around the world. Particularly sponsoring the next generation, you have never met, can appear to be an overwhelming attempt in building a better world. Even if, the expense appears to be excessively high, or you are confused that you will be truly having any effect, or you are only doubtful of the entire idea, before vetoing the thought, consider TRYING!–

Here are 4 reason why we encourage local sponsorship. 

1.  Sponsoring a child is a viable method to contribute your assistance to young leaders in need not as a “fix it” tool but as a support process.
2. Not only will you be supporting a young leader, but also you will be empowering the whole family.
3. Young leaders who become sponsored show a better shot of completing their education.
4. Lastly, sponsoring a child allows you to join hands with and a name to the battle they may face against the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Sponsors must write their sponsor child at minimum 1x month.
2. Sponsors must attend at minimum 1 Impact Saturday a month. 1am-1pm
3. Sponsors must attend at minimum 1 Empowerment Class a month. Tuesdays 3pm-6pm
4. We encourage ALL sponsors to commit to praying for their you sponsored child weekly.
5. We encourage ALL sponsors to attend quartley field trips outside the community with SBG team and sponsored child.
2.  Fill out a sponsor application
3. Complete background check. (Sponsor pays)
4. Attend Sponsored by GRACE interview with team members.
5. Matching process begins.