Our Mission

Sponsored by GRACE seeks to INVEST, GROW, and EMPOWER the next generation right here in the city of Jacksonville through local child sponsorship!

Sponsored by GRACE exists to empower local children to rise up out of poverty to become leaders through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

We are a non-profit organization based in Jacksonville, FL, that identifies children living in low income/poverty/high crime areas in our city that we as an organization can come alongside parents to offer love, encouragement, hope and most importantly a friendship through a local sponsorship of $56 a month.

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Where We Serve

32209 is our first identified home. Sponsored by GRACE is honored to call 32209 HOME. We see economic development as true mission work. Showing love and compassion by building relationships in overlooked areas of our own city is what we have been called to do.

  • 6,604 of these children in 32209 are being raised in a ”single mother” homes with an estimated income of $13,074 a year!
  • 73.9% of children in 32209 are living in households that receive public assistance.
  • Due to the environmental pressures at home, 68.7% of children are receiving written discipline referrals in school.
  • The violent crime rate in 32209 is hovering over 85%. The US average is 31.1 %.
Our Programs


  • Sponsored By Grace is laser-focused on reaching families in poverty in their own backyard with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. I love serving with them as it gives me an opportunity to meet people that I would otherwise not have a chance to meet and to share that love with them. There are great opportunities to serve for individuals and families alike, all you need is a willingness to step out of your element and serve someone else. See you soon!

    Chad Chad
  • I sponsor children overseas and it is such an incredible experience. To know that I can now make a difference to not only a local child but their family and community is unbelievable. Even more important, we will have the opportunity to meet them face to face, build a personal relationship with them and mentor them as they grow. We can help provide them with food, an education, a relationship with Jesus and HOPE for a better future.

    Angela Angela
  • This ministry is MUCH more than food distribution, playing with kids, and physical needs. We all have a need. We all are living in poverty whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotionally. Sponsored by Grace has shown me the impact of lifelong investment into people’s lives. We are called to be love to others because we are BELOVED by the Father. Jesus changes lives and Sponsored by Grace is a visual representation of that. Every Saturday I look forward to spending time with these amazing volunteers & second family at Vista Landing!

    Caroline Caroline